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I have taught 150 virtual lessons since March 3

I am so grateful for my students. They challenge me and keep me searching for creative new ways to deliver my curriculum. The Faber Piano Adventures have served me well as a tool for learning. I have students graduating books and preparing virtual recitals first their families. It is typical for me to see my students only once a week, however it is amazing to see how much they have grown in 7 months. One of my greatest advancements of my home studio has been the document camera I got from school. My students are *young* and the extra visual is so valuable for them. Most of my students are visual learners (typical for this digital generation, might I add) but a few truly are aural learners. I have picked up 3 new students since the pandemi, I have never met them! They are doung a fantastic job getting started.

Speaking of students I have never met... all of my middle schoolers are strangers to me. I’ve only ever seen a dozen of their faces. I’ve only heard a few of their voices. it can be exhausting to ‘perform’ all day and receive so little back. What they DO choose to share with me inspires me to keep creating, performing, and responding.

Chorus and General Music are two different worlds virtually. Remote learning compliments the general music curriculum well, we have had some fantastic presentations, discussions, and ‘vibe checks’ in our classes. I can’t believe our rotation switches in 2 weeks!

Chorus can be exhausting, however, I suppose that’s not new! So much preparation goes into 1 rehearsal. There are so many accommodations, backup plans, and objectives. I get the most response when the students are able to discuss prompts and answer questions by typing. It is absolutely typical for me not to see a single face or hear a single voice during my choral rehearsals. I do a mix of calling for volunteers and random calling throughout every lesson... not always successfully I might add. Occasionally I have a brave student unmute and revive my soul. I’m lucky to be at a program that valued literacy and solfege skills. My older students seem to be very comfortable with scales and interval patterns. I’m still exploring various was to rehearse repertoire. Singing along to the ukulele or a GarageBand session doesn’t feel like enough. Receiving flipgrids is like pulling teeth. This coming week I am hoping to explore live recording of a rehearsal with WeVideo. If it goes well, you can trust I will blog about it.

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