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Investments I Made to get Myself to the Next Level

  1. Vocal Mist Nebulizer: Anyone who has gigged with me knows I have my nebulizer with me 24/7. MyVocalMist is a product I discovered at a National ACDA Conference a few years ago. I had been in the market for a mister and this seemed like the perfect option. It is small enough to fit in my bag, they don't even look at it in customs, and it uses a saline solution as opposed to whatever tap water you can find. This is a nebulizer designed with singers in mind and I LOVE it.

  2. Oovo Straw Necklace: This is a new purchase for me. The 'Titze' straw technique was essential for me in my undergraduate studies. I suffered from excessive Vocal Fatigue due to over use, improper use, and poor speaking habits. This small sliver necklace will allow me to train phonation and onset therapy throughout the day.

  3. Crayola Erasable Colored Pencils and Highlighters: My fellow conductors just thought "oh, yES." Score study is one of my favorite parts about being a music director. Spending time with The composers language and personality is so eye opening. There is nothing more satisfying than closing a freshly marked score.

  4. Blackwing Pencils and Sharpener: This was an investment I had been planning for a long time. These products are so sleek, they make me want to take care of my other belongings and keep my work space orderly.

  5. HDMI Adapter: This little dongle has changed the virtual game for me. I need a break from starring at my computer so sometimes I will plug my computer into the larger monitor. I have used this device in the classroom for projectors, I can't believe I hadn't thought to use it at home earlier!

  6. Snowball iCE Microphone by Blue Mic: I NEEDED a microphone, my laptop mic wasn't making the cut. I needed a reliable device that wouldn't drain my bank account. This mic was recommended to me by a colleague at school. I happened to go online and find a really nice deal on the mic and a pop-screen that goes with it. This USB microphone sits right on top of the table and I can move it around easily. I have seen set ups in which the microphone is on some kind of tripod and aimed directly at their mouths, I haven't gotten that fancy yet but who knows!

  7. Rocketbook Fusion Notebook: This was SUCH a cool find. I have always tried to opt for online notes over pen and paper as to reduce my carbon footprint... then I was introduced to this erasable notebook! The Rocketbook has dotted and lined pages for note taking, then you scan the page on your phone and wipe it down with a wet cloth and BOOM new paper. I have used this notebook pretty much everyday since I got it in the beginning of April. I have multicolored pens for the notebook, but it only comes with a black pen. I think the new versions of the notebook you can actually microwave to erase but that freaked me out :)

  8. Wix Website and Domain: You are worth financial investments. I started to build my website as a digital portfolio for music education documents and philosophies and it developed into this website that I am SO proud of. I decided that this would be the year I finally purchase a domain and use the full benefits the site has to offer. I feel great about this decision!

  9. Progressive Shopper: This chrome extension has helped me greatly while making purchases in quarantine. I had been very cautious the past few weeks with everything I say, post, and purchase. My voice should not be in the foreground; it is a time to listen and reflect. Progressive shopper has helped me feel good about the purchases I am making and the businesses I am financially supporting. I want to make sure my money is going to causes I believe in and is NOT going into the pockets of hatred and discrimination.

  10. Blue Light Glasses and Sun Glasses: Invest in your body and get your eyesight checked. While you're at it, get your hearing checked as well. We have no idea how much of an impact being remote will have on our bodies, take care of yourself.

  11. Stainless Steel Water Bottle and Collapsible Steel Straws: After watching 'Down to Earth' with Zac Efron on Netflix, my eyes have been opened wide to how the Earth heals us naturally and we hurt it in return. Tired? Drink Water. Headache? Drink Water. Dizzy? Drink Water. Bored? Drink Water. GOOD water. Water with vitamins and minerals.

  12. Sunscreen: Just do it, you know you should.

Pictured: More Plant Babies

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