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Quarantine Playlist

Updated: May 22, 2020

Who are your go-to artists right now?

I've been listening to a lot of acoustic pop/indie music, I find it very calming and I love sitting and breathing as I listen.

Here are some of MY favorites right now:

  • City and Color, Mumford and Sons, and The Fretless put me in a great mood!

  • The Brahms Symphonies have gotten me through hard times in the past and they will continue in the future

  • Schubert Masses give me feels like nobody's business

  • I've JUST discovered Jacob Collier and I've been listening non-stop, the harmonies are intricate and his voice is SO interesting

  • Between the Lines is a new musical soundtrack I've discovered, there are only 3 songs posted but I have memorized them all :) Great for shower singing

  • My brother has gotten me into anime, my introduction was "Land of the Lustrous," the sound track is so fun. Sometimes it reminds me of Penderecki, sometimes John Cage, sometimes it sounds like spa music!

  • I can't escape the Greatest Showman or Dear Evan Hansen and I don't want to

  • The Singalongs on Disney+ are giving me life

Here is a link to my own Spotify playlist good vibes sad lyrics. The playlist didn't begin with me being in a good mental space, but it has turned into one of my favorites. There not all sad, I promise :)

(And yes, Mitski's Nobody IS on there before you ask)

Discover a new artist today! Time for me to go plant some new flower pots

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