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Spotify and Fueling the Fight

I have decide to create playlists on Spotify for my students to peruse if they feel they need some more music in their lives. The playlists I have created include, "Ms. Rinaldi's Favorites," "Discover Latin Composers," "Discover Black Composers," "Conducting Practice," "Evolution of Jazz," and MANY more!

I am having a blast compiling all this music. I think it is so important that students are exposed to as much diversity in music as possible. There are so many cultures and backgrounds represented in my school, I want my students to know that I see them. Hopefully some of these playlists will spark interest in some other styles as well :) This is also a journey in which I hope to diversify my tastes as well. I believe that we are live-long learners and we must always be open to progressive thoughts and behaviors.

I am very relieved that the county I am a new hire in has every intention of implicating remote learning until January. I want to see my new school, introduce myself to the staff, and meet my students, but it is not worth the risk. I know school is a safe-haven for a lot of kids and so many rely on the resources the school system provides, however, I draw the line at CALCULATING expected death rates. I have never been more offended or disappointed.

I read the headline "Turkish Femicide" this week and got chills down my spine. What a horrifying reality. I live in such a bubble sometimes. It is so easy for me to 'tune it all out for a little bit.' Others do not get that luxury. I'm very lucky to have friends that I can practice using new vocabulary with, I want to be ready for conversations when they come up. I am not a politician, I did not study political science, but I have a voice and it will be heard. I have been following Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez for a few years now, she has made such an impact on me and my view. She is an iconic person who is not afraid of fighting for what she believes in, she is also magnificently articulate and clear with her message. When I grow up, I want to be just like AOC.

In these times of media exposure and confrontation, I find myself hesitant to ask questions. "Ally" is an action verb, not just a noun. That being said, doing your research before asking is another level of respect for the topic. Take the time to learn and continue to financially contribute to movements and businesses that support what you care about. Read a book, it's good for you.

Fuel the fight by donating to NAACP and Black Lives Matter. Research and follow statements from the ACLU. Support local businesses, support black businesses, and support local black businesses! Amazon does not need another cent from you, the shipping fees are worth supporting your neighbors and friends.

Do not tolerate any form of oppressive behavior or commentary... it is worth it to stick up for love.

Do not tolerate any level or form of racism.

Do not tolerate any level or form of misogyny.

Do not tolerate and level or form of homophobia.

Don't take yourself too seriously or make yourself the topic of discussion, this is not. about. you.

Why don't you watch Hamilton and do some reflecting.

(P.S. Be careful with trending hashtags... you never know what a 'trend' is trying to cover up)

Here is the link to my new Spotify profile that includes all of these new playlists. I will continue to work on them as I continue to grow and learn myself!

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